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At Kawasaki Original Parts, we stock genuine accessories tailored-made for Kawasaki motorcycles ranging from 2020 to today. Each accessory item reflects the Japanese manufacturers’ esteemed quality and reliability. Select your model below to view our wide range that makes your motorbike more dynamic and individual.

Every year, Kawasaki continually looks to improve the design of their bikes, and this can lead to newer accessory fittings not being a smooth fit on a bike from a couple of years before, which is why we’ve preserved historical parts from years gone by so you don’t miss out. Each accessory part includes the part number on each page for your convenience when finding the exact part you’re seeing.

Our range has everything you need to elevate your ride, from the big things like titanium exhausts and upgraded comfort seats to small fixings such as USB sockets and GPS brackets. To protect and personalise your ride, consider our smoked windshield that adds a daring edge while ensuring optimum visibility. For those keen on ensuring their bike's longevity, our indoor and outdoor covers offer comprehensive protection against the elements, while our crankcase rings ensure peak engine performance. And for those chilly rides, our grip heater ensures your hands remain warm and responsive.

Kawasakis are known the world over for their impeccable craftsmanship and reliability, giving us a difficult task! However, should you ever require a specific spare part or a collection of them for maintenance or replacements, Kawasaki Original Parts stands as the most comprehensive warehouse in the UK.

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