2020 Genuine Accessories

Select your model below to view genuine 2020 Kawasaki accessories for your model. We source and preserve verified accessories and parts straight from Kawasaki, each one carrying their famed quality and reliability. Embark on the road with confidence, knowing that every part you've sourced from us carries the hallmark of Kawasaki's unparalleled excellence.

Our system is simple; select a model below and you’ll be taken to the 2020 Kawasaki accessories that we offer for that particular bike. From there, you can add it to your basket and checkout when you’re ready. We include the part number on every item to make it easy to match up the right part you need,

2020 was a prosperous year for Kawasaki. The iconic Japanese manufacturer celebrated a sixth consecutive World Superbikes title with the blazing-quick ZX-10RR, as well as commemorating 25 years of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and upgraded its ZX-10R model. The Kawasaki lineup was one of the strongest in recent memory, and at Kawasaki Original Parts, you can keep it strong and in peak condition with accessories available for each model from smoked windscreens to the radiator screens to chain and sprocket kits. We have it all here to enhance your ride on your prized two-wheeler.

Kawasaki Ninja is the most popular line of the company’s motorbikes for the amount of sporting thrills they put into a more practical, everyday bike. Make that experience all the better with our range of Kawasaki Ninja accessories. They will allow you to protect your bike when idle, fit a GPS onto the dashboard, add heated grips and more.

Because Kawasakis are famed for being the most well-made motorcycles in the world, our job is one of the hardest! But, if you do come to need a particular spare part or a set of them to repair or replace a worn part of your bike, Kawasaki Original Parts is the UK’s most substantial warehouse in the UK.